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Welcome to Louny branch of the CNS


The Czech Numismatic Society (CNS) is a nationwide interest organisation uniting people interested in numismatics (the science concerning coins, minting and means of payment). The headquarters of the society has a seat in Prague. You can find the list of particular branches in the links section.

The Club of Numismatics was originally formed of 21 members in 1981 in Louny with the seat at the local Culture House. The members started their activity with distinct enthusiasm and the Club proliferated fast, reaching 66 members soon. At the same time closer cooperation with the Headquarters of CNS began. Thus the Club was provided not only with needed numismatic collectible materials but also with technical help in the form of scholarly lectures. In the beginning the Club was subordinate to the nearest CNS branch in Chomutov and the only possible way how to increase the number of CNS members led via this branch. Thanks to that the Club could admit new colleagues and the number of its members was increased to 32 which is a fairly high number considering the total population of Louny (20,000 inhabitants) and the obstructions set up by the communist regime which strictly limited all activities in which more than a couple of people joined together. It was very difficult to become a member in those days. Therefore, there were many people who were mere 'associates' waiting for approval for membership.

Finally in 1993, the foundation of Louny branch was authorized at the CNS convention in Jihlava. The constitutional meeting of the new branch took place symbolically on November 17th, 1993 where the first board was appointed as well. Thus we became one of the youngest branches. A chronicle recording all of the Club’s activities has been kept since the first meeting in 1981.

Great vigour was aimed at a local exhibition called 'Man and nature' visited by more than 60.000 people every year. The Club used to have its own stand there. However, the exhibition faded out after the Velvet revolution. Thus our attention has recently been focused mainly on the organization of auctions.

All the CNS members as well as new members and other collectors are always welcome to join us in our activities. You can contact us by mail or meet us in person. You shall find professionals and experts in coins, banknotes, hop marks, dog registration tags, medals, chips, stocks, makeshift currency, tokens and much more. Examples can be found in the gallery section. To find out when and where the branch meetings take place click here.

All of the CNS activities conform to Charter and Organisational Norms issued by the CNS Headquarters in Prague.





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