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C.A.S. is the index No. of Chemical Abstacts Service.

acenaphtene tech. C12H10 83-32-9 DEZ
1- acetamido-7-naphtol tech. C12H11NO3 SYN
1,7- acetaminonaphtol tech. C12H11NO2 6470-18-4 SCH
acetic acid, potassium salt food grade C2H3KO2.3H2O 127-08-2 HMZ
acetic acid. sodium salt trihydrate food grade C2H3NaO2 6131-90-4 HMZ
N- aceto-2-aminophenol on request C8H9NO3 614-80-2 SCH
acetone cyanhydrin tech. C4H7NO 75-86-5 LZD
N- acetyl-4-(aminoetyl)benzensulfonamid tech. C10H14N2O3S SYN
acrylic acid tech. C3H4O2 79-10-7 SOK
allylcloride tech. C3H5Cl 107-05-1 SCH
7- amino-1,3,6-naphtalenetrisulfonic acid tech. C10H9NO9S3 SYN
7- amino-1,3-naphtalenedisulfonic acid tech. C10H9NO6S2 842-15-9 SYN
3- amino-1,5-naphtalenedisulfonic acid tech. C10H9NO6S2 131-27-1 SCH
7- amino-1-naphtol tech. C10H9NO SYN
3- amino-2-hydroxy-5-nitrobenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6H6N2O6S SYN
1- amino-2-naphtol-4-sulfonic acid on request C10H9NO4S 116-63-2 SCH
4- amino-3-nitrobenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6H6N2O5S SYN
3- amino-4-hydroxy-(N,2-carboxyphenyl)benzenesulfamide on request C13H12N2O5S 91-35-0 SCH
3- amino-4-hydroxy-5-nitrobenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6H6N2O6S SYN
3- amino-4-hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6H7NO4S SYN
2-(3- amino-4-chlorobenzoyl)benzoic acid tech. C13H10ClNO3 118-03-7 SYN
2- amino-4-nitrophenol tech. C6H6N2O3 603-85-0 SYN
2- amino-5-nitrobenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6H6N2O5S SYN
4- amino-8-hydroxy-3,6-disulfonic acid tech. C10H7Na2NO7S2 3963-80-2 SYN
amino-G-acid tech. C10H9NO6S2 842-15-9 SYN
3- amino-N,N-dimethylbenzoic acid tech. C9H11NO2 99-64-9 SYN
1- aminoantraquinone tech. C14H9NO2 82-45-1 SYN
4'- aminoazobenzen-4-sulfonic acid tech. C12H11N3O3S SYN
4- aminoazobenzene-3,4'-disulfonic acid tech. C12H11N3O6S2 2706-28-7 SYN
5- aminobenzamidazolone tech. C7HHN3O SYN
4- aminobenzamide tech. C7H8N2O 2835-68-9 SYN
4- aminobenzenesulfonate, sodium tech. C6H6NNaO3S 13333-70-0 SCH
4- aminobenzoate ethyl ester pharm. C9H11NO2 94-09-7 SYN
2- aminobenzoic acid tech. C7H7NO2 118-92-3 SCH
3- aminobenzoic acid tech. C7H7NO2 99-05-8 SYN
4- aminobenzoic acid tech., pharm. C7H7NO2 150-13-0 SYN
4- aminodiphenylamine-2-sulfonic acid nerolic acid C12H12N2O5S 91-30-5 SCH
5- aminoisophtalic acid tech. C8H7NO4 99-31-0 SYN
3- aminophenol tech. C6H7NO 591-27-5 SYN
2- aminophenol-4-methylsulfamide tech. C7H10N2O3S 80-23-9 SCH
3- aminophenol-4-sulfamide tech. C6H8N2O3S 98-32-8 SCH
ammonium benzoate tech. C7H9NO2 1863-63-4 SYN
3- anisidine 3-methoxyaniline C7H9NO 536-90-3 SYN
4- anisidine-2-sulfonic acid tech. C7H9NO4S SYN
2- anisidine-4-sulfonic acid tech. C7H9NO4S SYN
anthracene tech. C14H8 120-12-7 DEZ
anthranilic acid tech. C7H7NO2 118-92-3 SCH
anthraquinone-2-sulfonate, sodium (silver salt) on request C14H7NaO5S 131-08-8 SCH
antraquinone tech. C14H6O2 84-65-1 DEZ
arylisocyanates tech. SYN
L- ascorbic acid pharm. C6H8O6 50-81-7 FAR
asulam tech. SYN
benzene tech. C6H6 71-43-2 DEZ
O- benzenesulfo-1-amino-8-hydroxy-3,6-naftalendisulfonic acid tech. SYN
O- benzenesulfo-H-acid tech. SYN
2- benzimidazolone tech. C7H6N2O 615-16-7 SYN
benzocain pharm. C9H11NO2 94-09-7 SYN
benzoic acid food, pharm. C7H6O2 65-85-0 SYN
benzonitrile tech. C7H5N 100-47-0 SYN
2- benzoxazolinone tech. C7H5NO2 59-49-4 SYN
2- benzoxazolinone-5-methylsulfone tech. C8H7NO4S SYN
benzoyl-I-acid tech. SYN
bis(2-methyethoxy)aluminium hydride Synhydrid, 70% in toluene C6H15AlO2   LZK
bon acid tech. C11H8O3 92-70-6 SCH
4- brombenzenesulfoamide tech. C6H6BrNO2S SYN
1,3- butadiene tech. C4H6 106-99-0 KAU
n- butanol 99,6% C4H10O 71-36-3 SCH
butyl methacrylate tech. C8H14O2 9003-63-8 SYN
C acid tech. C10H9NO6S2 131-27-1 SCH
calciferol gum tech. SYN
carbazole tech. C12H9N 86-78-4 DEZ
chloranil tech. C6Cl4O2 118-75-2 SCH
1- chloro-2,3-epoxypropane tech., for pharm., epichlorohydrine C3H5ClO 481-29-8 SCH
1- chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene tech. C6H3ClN2O4 97-00-7 SYN
3- chloro-2-aminophenol-4-sulfonic acid tech. C6H6ClNO4S SYN
3- chloro-2-aminophenol-6-sulfonic acid tech. C6H6ClNO4S SYN
4- chloro-2-nitroaniline tech. C6H5ClN2O2 89-63-4 SYN
1- chloro-3,5-dinitrobenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6H3ClN2O7S SYN
2- chloro-3,5-dinitrobenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6H3ClN2O7S SYN
4- chloro-3-nitrobenzenesulfochloride tech. C6H3Cl2NO4S 97-08-5 SYN
4- chloro-3-nitrobenzoylbenzoic acid tech. C13H8ClNO5 85-54-1 SYN
2- chloro-5-nitrobenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6H4ClNO5S SYN
4- chloro-5-nitrobenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6H4ClNO5S 17691-19-9 SYN
1- chloroanthraquinone tech. C14H9Cl 82-44-0 SYN
2- chlorobenzonitrile tech. C7H4ClN 873-35-2 SYN
4- chlorobenzonitrile tech. C7H4ClN 623-03-0 SYN
4- chlorophtalic acid tech. C8H5ClO4 56047-23-5 SYN
3- chloropropene tech. C3H5Cl 107-05-1 SCH
chlorotolouron tech. SYN
chlorotrifluoroethene for pharm. C2ClF3 79-38-9 SCH
5- chloroxazone tech. C7H4ClNO2 95-25-0 SYN
chromotropic acid tech. C10H8O8S2 5808-22-0 SYN
citric acid food grade C6H8O6 5949-29-1 AKT
1,7- Cléve acid tech. SYN
1,6- Cléve acid tech. SYN
copper phtalocyanate tech. C32H16N8Cu 147-14-8 SCH
copper phtalocyanate tech. C32H16CuN8 147-14-8 SYN
copper phtalocyanate, chlorinated tech. SYN
cresoles tech. C7H8O   DEZ
cyclohexylisocyanate tech. C7H11NO 3173-53-3 SYN
cyclopropanecarboxylic acid tech. C4H6O2 1759-53-1 SYN
desmedipham tech. SYN
di-2-etylhexylphtalate tech., washed C24H38O4 27554-26-3 DEZ
di-I-acid tech. SYN
1,4- diaminoantraquinone tech. C14H10N2O2 128-95-0 SYN
2,5- diaminobenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6HH8N2O3S SYN
3,5- diaminobenzoic acid tech. C7H8N2O2 535-87-5 SYN
4,4'- diaminostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid tech. C14H14N2O6S2 SYN
1- diazo-2-naphtol-4-sulfonic acid tech. C10H6N2O4S 887-76-3 SCH
1- diazo-6-nitro-2-naphtol-4-sulfonic acid tech. C10H5N3O6S 50412-00-5 SCH
dibutylphtalate tech. C16H22O4 84-74-2 DEZ
2,5- dichloro-4-sulfanilic acid tech. C6H4Cl2O3S SYN
2,4- dichloro-5-sulfoamylbenzoic acid Lasamid pharm. C7H5Cl2O4S 2736-23-4 SYN
2,4- dichlorophenylhydrazine hydrochloride tech. C6H6ClN2 5446-18-4 SYN
diethylenetriamine-pentaacetic acid tech. LZD
5-(2,3- dihydro-3,3-dimethyl-2-ethoxybenzofuranyl)methanesulfonate ethofumesate   SYN
1,8- dihydroxy-3,6-naphtalenedisulfonic acid tech. C10H8O8S2 5808-22-0 SYN
1,5- dihydroxy-4,8-diaminoantraquinone tech. C14H10N2O4 SYN
1,4- dihydroxyanthraquinone tech. C14H8O4 81-64-1 SYN
diizobutylphtalate tech. C16H22O4   DEZ
diizodecylphtalate tech. C28H46O4   DEZ
2,3- dimethyl-2,3-dinitrobutane tech. C6H12N2O4 3964-18-9 SYN
N,N- dimethyl-3-toluidine tech. C9H13N 121-72-2 SYN
N,N- dimethyl-4-toluidine tech. C9H13N 99-97-8 SYN
N,N- dimethyl-N-(3-chlor-4-tolyl)urea chlorotolurone   SYN
4,6- dinitro-o-cresol tech. C7H6N2O5 534-52-1 SYN
4,4'- dinitrostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid tech. C14H10N2O10S2 SYN
dinitrotoluene mixture of isomers C7H6N2O4   SYN
diphenylguanidine tech. C12H13N3 102-06-7 LZD
dodecylbenzensulfonate, sodium tech. C18H29NaO3S 25155-30-0 ENA
epichlorohydrine tech.,for pharm. C3H5ClO 481-29-8 SCH
ergocalciferol vitamine D2 C28H44O 50-14-6 SYN
ergosterol tech. C28H44O 57-87-4 SYN
ether tech. C4H10O 60-29-7 SYN
ethofumesate tech. SYN
3-( ethoxycarbonyl-anilino)-N-phenylcarbamate desmedipham   SYN
ethyl acetate tech. C4H8O2 141-78-6 SYN
ethyl benzoate tech. C9HH10O2 93-89-0 SYN
ethyl phenyl ether tech. C8H10O 60-12-8 SYN
ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid EDTA, tech. LZD
2- ethylhexanol tech. C8H18O 104-76-7 CHP
fenyl-I-acid tech. SYN
G-salt tech. C10H6Na2O7S2 SYN
Gamma acid tech. SYN
glycerol 80%, 8% salt C3H8O3 56-81-5 MIL
H-salt tech. C10H7Na2O7S2 3963-80-2 SYN
hexogen tech. C3H6N6O6 SYN
4- hydrazinebenzoic acid tech. C6H7N2O2 619-67-0 SYN
4- hydroxy-1-naphtelenesulfonic acid Neville-W. acid C10H7NaO4S 84-87-2 SCH
6- hydroxy-2,4-naftalenedisulfonate, sodium tech. C10H6Na2O7S2 SYN
6- hydroxy-2-naphtalenesulfonic acid tech. -Schaffer's acid C10H6O3S 93-01-06 SCH
2- hydroxy-3-naphtoic acid tech. C11H8O3 92-70-6 SCH
2- hydroxy-5-chloro-3-nitrobenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6H4ClNO6S SYN
4- hydroxy-5-chloro-3-nitrobenzenesulfonic acid tech. C6H4ClNO6S SYN
2- hydroxybenzimidazole tech. C7H6N2O 615-16-7 SYN
4- hydroxycoumarin pharm. C9H6O3 1076-38-6 FAR
5- hydroxyisophtalic acid tech. C8H6O5 618-83-7 SYN
I-acid tech. SYN
isooctanol tech. C8H18O 104-76-7 CHP
lauryl,-dimethyl,-benzyl,-ammonium chloride 50.1% C21H38ClN 7281-04-1 SCH
leuco-1,4-diaminoantraquinone tech. SYN
leucoquinizarine tech. SYN
magnesium lactate for pharm. C6H10MgO6 18917-93-6 FAR
magnesuim stearate tech. C36H70MgO4 557-04-0 STZ
methanol tech. CH4O 67-56-1 SYN
5- methoxy-2-sulfanilic acid tech. C7H9NO4S SYN
3- methoxy-4-sulfanilic acid tech. C7H9NO4S SYN
3- methoxyaniline m-anisidine C7H9NO 536-90-3 SYN
1- methoxycarbonylamino-7-naphtol tech. C12H11NO3 SYN
O-(3- methoxycarbonylanilino)-N-(3-methylphenyl)carbamate phenmedipham   SYN
methyl methacrylate tech. C5H8O2 9011-14-7 SYN
N- methyl-I-acid tech. SYN
methyl-N-(4-aminobenzenesulfonyl)carbamate asulam   SYN
methyl-tert.butyl ether tech. C5H12O 1634-04-4 CRC
mitoxanthrone, hydrochloride tech. SYN
naphtalene tech. C10H8 91-20-3 DEZ
naphtalene-2-sulfonate, sodium tech. C10H7NaO3S 532-02-5 SYN
1- naphtol tech. C10H8O 90-15-3 SCH
2- naphtol tech. C10H8O 135-19-3 SYN
1,8- naphtosultone tech. C10H6O3S 83-31-8 SYN
nerolic acid tech. C12H12N2O3S 91-30-5 SCH
Neville-Winther's acid Na salt C10H7NaO4S 84-87-2 SCH
nitrilotriacetic acid tech. 139-13-9 LZD
4- nitro-2-toluenesulfonic acid tech. C6H7NO5S SYN
4- nitro-2-toluidine tech. C7H8N2O2 570-24-1 SYN
3- nitro-4-toluidine tech. C7H8N2O2 119-32-4 SYN
4- nitro-4'-aminostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid tech. C8H12N2O8S2 SYN
3- nitrobenzenesulfonate, sodium tech. C6H4NNaO5S 127-68-4 SYN
4- nitrobenzoic acid tech. C7H5NO4 62-23-7 SYN
nitrocelullose tech. SYN
5- nitroisoftalic acid tech. C8H5NO6 618-88-2 SYN
2- nitrophenol on request C6H5NO2 88-75-5 SCH
2- nitrophenol-(N,2-carboxyphenyl)sulfamide on request C13H10N2O7S 131971-24-9 SCH
2- nitrophenol-4-methylsulfamide tech. C7H8N2O5S 24855-58-1 SCH
2- nitrotoluene tech. C7H7NO2 88-72-2 SYN
4- nitrotoluene tech. C7H7NO2 99-99-0 SYN
4- nitrotoluene-2-hydroxyethylsulfamide tech. C9H12N2O5S SYN
4- nitrotoluene-2-sulfo-N-ethylanilide tech. C15H16N2O4S SYN
4- nitrotoluenesulfanilide tech. C13H12N2O4S SYN
1- octadecene tech. C18H36 112-89-9 SPA
oxycellulose tech. SYN
paraffine wax tech. (CH2)n 8002-74-2 PARA PAR
pentaerythritol for explosives C5H12O4 115-77-5 SYN
pentaerythritol-tetranitrate tech. C5H12N4O12 SYN
penthrit tech. C5H12N4O12 SYN
perchloroehylene tetrachloreten C2Cl4 127-18-4 SCH
phenetol tech. C8H10O 60-12-8 SYN
phenmedipham tech. SYN
phenol tech. C6H6O 108-95-2 DEZ
phenyl-2-naphtylamin antiox. PBN C15H13N 135-88-6 SCH
phenylhydrazine basic C6H8N2 100-63-0 SYN
phenylhydrazine hydrochloride tech. C6H9ClN2 59-88-1 SYN
phtalic anhydride tech. C8H4O3 85-44-9 DEZ
polybutadiene liquid and rubber (C4H6)n 40022-03-5 KAU
polystyrene diverse (C8H8)n 9003-53-6 KAU
procain hydrochloride tech. C13H20N2O2 51-05-8 SYN
propamocarb tech. SYN
propyl-N-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)carbamate propamocarb   SYN
quinizarine tech. C14H8O4 81-64-1 SYN
riboflavin pharm. C17HH20N4O6 83-88-5 FAR
Schaffer's acid tech. C10H6O3S 93-01-06 SCH
sodium benzoate food, pharm. C7H5NaO2 532-32-1 SYN
sorbitol food grade C6H14O6 50-70-4 LCM
starch food grade (C6H10O5)n 9005-25-8 AMY
styrene tech. C8H8 100-42-5 KAU
sulfanilic acid Na salt C6H6NNaO3S 12333-70-0 SCH
1-(3- sulfophenyl)-3-methylpyrazolin-5-one tech. C10H10N2O4S SYN
1-(4- sulfophenyl)-3-methylpyrazolin-5-one tech. C10H10N2O4S SYN
3- sulfophenylgamma acid tech. SYN
4- sulfophenylhydrazine C6H8N2O3 SYN
2,3,5,6- tetrachlorobenzoquinone chloroanil C6Cl4O2 118-75-2 SCH
tetrachloroethene 99.9% C2Cl4 127-18-4 SCH
tetrachloroethene tech. C2Cl4 127-18-4 SCH
tetrachloromethane 99.99% for spectro CCl4 56-23-2 SCH
tetrachloromethane tech. CCl4 56-23-2 SCH
toluene tech. C7H8 108-88-3 DEZ
toluenesulfonic acid 65% C7H8O2S 6192-52-5 HAB
3- toluidine tech. C7H9N 108-44-1 SYN
4- toluidine tech. C7H9N 106-49-0 SYN
3- toluidine(N-etyl-N-fenylamido)-2-sulfonic acid tech. C15H18N2O2S SYN
4- toluidine-2-hydroxyethylsulfamide tech. C9H14N2O2S SYN
4- toluidine-2-sulfoanilide tech. C13H14N2O2S SYN
1,1,2- trichlorotrifluoroethane 99.99% C2Cl3F3 354-58-5 SCH
trinitroresorcin styphnic acid C6H3N3O8   SYN
xylene tech. C8H10   DEZ

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Evaluated by Jiri Skutchan. Last updated on August 27, 2000.

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