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C.A.S. is the index No. of Chemical Abstacts Service.

4-aminobenzoate ethyl ester pharm. C9H11NO2 94-09-7 SYN
4-aminobenzoic acid tech., pharm. C7H7NO2 150-13-0 SYN
aprotinine pharm. SPF
benzocain pharm. C9H11NO2 94-09-7 SYN
benzoic acid food, pharm. C7H6O2 65-85-0 SYN
bromocriptine mesylate pharm. C32H40BrN5O5 .CH4O3S 22260-51-1 GNO
buprenorphine pharm. C29H41NO4 52485-79-7 GNO
buprenorphine hydrochloride pharm. C29H41NO4 .HCl 53152-21-9 GNO
butorphanol tartarát pharm. C25H35NO8 58786-99-5 GNO
calciferol gum tech. SYN
calcium carbonate tech., food grade CaCO3 471-34-1 CHV 0.28
calcium chloride tech., food grade CaCl2 10043-52-4 CHV 0.56
calcium phosphate, dibasic tech., dental CaHPO4 7757-93-9 FOS
carbegoline phosphate pharm. C26H37N5O2 .(H3PO4)2 85329-89-1 GNO
1-chloro-2,3-epoxypropane tech., for pharm., epichlorohydrine C3H5ClO 481-29-8 SCH
chlorotrifluoroethene for pharm. C2ClF3 79-38-9 SCH
cyclosporine A pharm. GNO
2,5-dichloro-4-sulfanilic acid tech. C6H4Cl2O3S SYN
2,4-dichloro-5-sulfoamylbenzoic acid Lasamid pharm. C7H5Cl2O4S 2736-23-4 SYN
dihydroergocristine mesylate pharm. C35H41N5O5 .CH4O3S 24730-10-7 GNO
dihydroergotamine mesylate pharm. C33H37N5O5 .CH4O3S 6190-39-2 GNO
dihydroergotamine tartarate pharm. C33H37N5O5 .1/2 C4H6O6 5989-77-5 GNO
dihydroergotoxine mesylate pharm. 8067-24-1 GNO
dihydrolysergic acid pharm. C16H17N2O2 5878-43-3 GNO
L-ephedrine pharm. ICN
epichlorohydrine tech.,for pharm. C3H5ClO 481-29-8 SCH
ergocalciferol vitamine D2 C28H44O 50-14-6 SYN
ergocristine pharm. C35H39N5O5 511-08-0 GNO
ergometrine maleate pharm. C19H23N3O2 .C4H4O4 129-51-1 GNO
ergosterol tech. C28H44O 57-87-4 SYN
ergotamine pharm. C33H35N5O5 113-15-5 GNO
ergotamine tartarate pharm. C33H35N5O5 .1/2C4H6O6 379-79-3 GNO
foliculotropine pharm. SPF
heparine pharm. SPF
inzuline, pig pharm. SPF
lisuride hydrogenmaleate pharm. C20H26N4O .C4H4O4 19875-60-6 GNO
magnesium lactate for pharm. C6H10MgO6 18917-93-6 FAR
metergoline pharm. C25H29N3O2 17692-51-2 GNO
methylergometrine maleate pharm. C2OH25N3O2 .C4H4O4 57432-61-8 GNO
methylsergide maleate pharm. C21H27N3O2 .C4H4O4 129-49-7 GNO
nalmefene pharm. C21H25NO3 55096-26-9 GNO
naltrexone hydrochloride pharm. C20H23NO4 .HCl 16676-29-2 GNO
nicergoline pharm. C24H26BrN3O3 27848-84-6 GNO
nysatine pharm. ICN
oxygen for medicinal use O2 7782-44-7 AGA
pergolide mesylate pharm. C19H26N2S .CH4O3S 66104-23-2 GNO
perchloroehylene tetrachloreten C2Cl4 127-18-4 SCH
phosphoric acid tech., food grade H3PO4 7664-38-2 FOS
potassium hydroxide pharmaceutic KOH 1310-58-3 SCH
potassium permanganate pharmaceutical KMnO4 7722-64-7 SCH
procain hydrochloride tech. C13H20N2O2 51-05-8 SYN
sodium benzoate food, pharm. C7H5NaO2 532-32-1 SYN
sodium hydrogen carbonate food, tech. NaHCO3 144-55-8 CHV 0.2
sodium hydroxide pharm. NaOH 1310-73-2 SCH
sodium phosphate, dibasic dihydrate tech., food grade Na2HPO4.2H2O 7558-79-4 FOS
sodium tripolyphosphate tech., food grade Na5P3O10 7758-29-4 FOS
sorbitol food grade C6H14O6 50-70-4 LCM
starch food grade (C6H10O5)n 9005-25-8 AMY
terguride hydrogenmaleate pharm. C20H28N4O .C4H4O4 37686-85-4 GNO
tetrachloroethene 99.9% C2Cl4 127-18-4 SCH
1,1,2-trichlorotrifluoroethane 99.99% C2Cl3F3 354-58-5 SCH

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