My castle - my home

Jiri Skutchan

village side This water castle is situated 50 km north-west from Prague. It has been mentioned firstly in 1228 as an existing subject of sale. During the whole Middle Ages the owners changed quite often. After the thirty-year war the previous building felt down. Later this castle won the Schwarzenberg family, one of the richest in this country. In late 17th century they decided to build the new castle on the site of previous one, and in 1697 it was finished.
The building is constructed on the ground of square renaissance fort in a very simple baroque style, called "hungry baroque". It is surrounded by a garden with two small ponds and by large farm courtyard.
The castle underwent only very small construction changes in last three hundred years.

front side
It has been bought by my grandfather in 1933. In 1948 the communists confiscated it and they used is as a stock of out-of-fashion clothing.
I became it back in 1991 in a very poor state. In the very last days a new idea appeared: to make here a museum of wood with an arboretum in the garden, and with exhibitions of various sorts of wood, handicraft, industrial production and arts from wooden materials.
And it is the home of me and the home of this database.

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